Treats & Favours

Imagine a glorious dessert table bursting with irresistible treats or the delight on your guests’ faces upon finding a hand-painted biscuit at their place setting, tied up in a pretty package, their name carefully written upon it. A personal and considered edible gift from your magical wedding day.

Sweet treats and wedding favours include intricately hand-decorated biscuits, fluffy pillows of homemade marshmallow, melt-in-the-mouth meringue kisses in all the colours and flavours of the rainbow, sugary glazed baked donuts, indulgent brownies, mini cakes and gourmet cupcakes, all flavoured and decorated to your taste.

"My goodness they were delicious..."

'We ordered the gingerbreads and my goodness they were delicious. Starting to regret giving them out as presents now as we only kept two for ourselves!' - Lucy