I never imagined I’d be a cake maker, not in a million years…

I’ll admit it, I’m a walking cliché. Executive PA does an evening class in cake decorating, gives up her corporate career in London, moves to the country and ventures into the world of self-employment, sugar and flour. Yep, I’m one step away from being swept off my feet by a dashing stranger and I have the makings of a feel-good novel right there. That’s not to say it hasn't been hard graft but I’ll spare you the details.

Now I’m a fully-fledged cake devotee, I spend a lot of time thinking about cake. As much as I want your cake to look amazing, I also want it to be all mouth AND trousers and taste great too. Much time is spent on experimenting with flavours and ensuring my bakes are light and my buttercream silky, as well as playing with the limitless possibilities of design, texture and colour. Above all, it’s about being creative and producing a bespoke cake that makes you feel really special and captures the essence of you. 

And if you’re anything like me, the prospect of cake is special. It’s a slice of lemon drizzle with a cup of tea in my wooliest jumper on a cold afternoon; or it’s a flashback to being a kid again, waiting for my grandad Bill to finish mixing his fruit cake and pass me the spoon, but more importantly, cake always marks a happy occasion and the gathering of friends and family in celebration. So yes, it’s pretty damn special if you ask me.

What special memories will your wedding cake hold for you?

Charlene x